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Welcome to the Neatherd High School homework website. This website aims to outline the format of the homework that students will get at Neatherd.  By using the links to the side of this page you can find homework information by subject or by year group.

Students will record the homework they receive in their planners, including hand-in dates. Please do look in the planners for the homework that has been set; we value the invaluable support you provide as parents and carers.

At Neatherd we know that children who spend time on homework show higher levels of academic achievement, as homework enables children to reinforce, practice and apply the skills learnt in class. It allows parents to engage, encourage and participate towards their children’s learning.  Homework allows children to demonstrate their abilities and improve their sense of responsibility and time management.


Time Expectations

According to the Neatherd homework policy, students should be working on homework most days of the week. On average Year 7 students should be spending approximately 60mins on homework each weekday. Year 8 & Year 9 students should be spending about 90mins per weekday on homework. KS4 students should be spending approximately 2 hours per weekday on homework. Obviously we appreciate pupils may well have other activities on after school, so the time expectations are an average per weekday, other evenings and weekends could be used to make up the time, if needed. The homework policy is up for review in 2017, and the time expectations may be adjusted then.

How to access files on this site

Most of the files on this site are either PDF or Word files.

To open PDF files you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, which is free and can be downloaded here.

Word files require Word 2007 or newer, or a compatible reader such as Word Viewer, which is also free and can be downloaded here.

Files of most sorts can also be opened by Google Drive, which all Neatherd students have access to by using their NSIX account.

Questions and Comments

Do you have any questions or comments about any of the homework listed on this site? If so, please contact us via this form:

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